Instrumentation & Control Welding Sector Council Meeting

Centurion Systems was the host of the Welding Council of Kenya Meeting which took place on 13thJuly, 2016. The meeting organized by LIWA (Linking Industry with Academic) with the aim of coming up with solutions to improve the welding sector in Kenya. The Welding council is a weldingcollaboration between LIWA, Centurion Systems, Technical University of Kenya, GIZ, KPC, CDACC, KEPSA, The Ministry of Science and Technology and Other Development Partners. Centurion being the training partner has the aim of training personnel in order to improve their productivity in the industry. The agenda for the meeting was formation of the Kenya Institute of Welding for skill improvement for TVET students which requires the involvement of the private sector. “This presents a unique opportunity because as a country we are able to address skills that will immediately enhance productivity and the level of preparedness to industry. This in the past has been a challenge because of the mismatch and lack of appropriate skills that address the productivity, efficiency and innovation needs.” Kevit Desai, MD Centurion Systems.

The Instrumentation & Control Council meeting took place on 5th July, 2016 to discuss on ways to improve the Control and Instrumentation sector in the Kenyan industry. Centurion Systems is looking for partners to join these sector councils in a move to provide relevant skills to graduates and industry employees.