Pneumatics Training at PC Kinyanjui Technical and Kabete Technical Training Colleges

Centurion Systems Ltd. together with PC Kinyanjui and Kabete Technical College organized a one day pneumatics workshop at training at the PC Kinyanjui Technical College and Kabete Technical College in the month of June. During the workshop students were trained on the use of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics principles and the potential energy saving cost associated with the use of automation systems.[expand title=”Read More”] This involved a brief introduction of the various pneumatic components e.g. Valves, Cylinders, Compressors etc. The Students appreciated this exposure saying:  “I am very happy that today I appreciated what we have been learning theoretically in class. I was in a position to see the different pneumatic components physically.” Said Geoffrey, a 2nd Year student at the Kabete Technical College.

A similar pneumatics workshop was also held at Kabete technical college. In this workshop students were also explained to on how the could control pneumatic systems electronically.

The aim of this workshops is to make the students appreciate what they are learning in class and what is there in the industry. This reduces the skills gap that is prevalent in the current job market. Employers want graduates with hands on technical skills however the technical training institutions lack the budget to support acquisition of industry relevant equipment for training. CSL is working with these technical institutions and welcomes partnerships in developing training kits and curricula focus on today’s and tomorrow’s industrial technology