Why train with us?

The trainings are divided into three qualification levels, which each correspond to specific “job profiles”. The job profiles clearly define the certified qualification and skills of trainee. With our defined, industry-focused job profiles, Centurion Systems certifications helps you transition into a variety of production, technician, and engineering jobs in high-tech and advanced manufacturing industries. The three levels are:

Level 1: Systems Assistant
Emphasis is placed on efficiently operating complex mechatronic systems, troubleshooting and foreseeing problems.

Level 2: Systems Associate
The focus in this is on systems management, investigation, repair and troubleshooting.

Level 3: Systems Professional
Customized Automation Solutions. In this level, emphasis is placed on systems design and process optimization.

1. Partnerships
Centurion Systems has forged strategic partnerships with key industry players on the higher education sector. Some of our partners are Siemens SITRAIN, Ministry of Higher Education, National Council of Science & Technology, Linkage of Industry with Academia (LIWA), FESTO, Allen Bradley, Telemecanique, KRONES, Mitsubishi, ABB.
We have also linked with the leading manufacturers of automation equipment being used in the industry currently. This enables us gain access to the actual manuals of the equipment and certified trainers.

2. Subsidized Fees
Centurion Systems Limited is DIT registered (DIT/TRN/543) and hence this qualifies organizations to get up to 70% reimbursement on the amount spent on the training. This makes training with Centurion Systems highly cost effective compared with the benefits that will accrue from training with us.

3. Practical Training
75% of the trainings that we carry out at our premises are practical based.
This is because we have developed through our research and development team and the partners that we have, training kits that are highly relevant as they mimic the actual workplace. The kits enable actual troubleshooting, Maintenance, Programming and other procedures to be carried out in a safe environment and this greatly boosts the confidence levels of personnel in contact with equipment in the work place.

4. Tailor Made Courses
The trainings we offer are based on fulfilling the actual determined needs in an organization. We come in at a partnership level where we identify with the help of your relevant personnel the gaps that are there between you personnel and the equipment that we have through the audits that carry out. We therefore develop courses geared towards eliminating this gaps that are there to ensure optimization of resources.

5. Access to expertise
We do connect our training partners with the network of partners that we have and hence there is a pool of professional experts that compliment our expertise and professional advise and updates that are relevant are accessible when and if need arises.

6. Accreditation
We are a great way to adding value to your trainings and capacity development through our recognized accreditations. The Ministry of science and technology and higher education, IEEE and various equipment manufactures has recognized Centurion Systems. The benefits accruing from this accreditation to various organizations are that:
• The certification we give is a guarantee of quality in capacity development even to the internal training programs that organizations’ may offer.
• The trainings are based on the latest technology in the industry and the relevant information.
• There is a demonstration of direct value.

Today’s Kenyan market has potential to counter the competition offered by South East Asia, South Africa and emerging markets whose competitive advantage is felt in our business environment. Majority of the manufacturing and service organizations in Kenya deal with challenges posed by Globalization, Energy, Environment and Safety, which cut back on profit margins.
• Globalization demands higher automation levels for improved and quality production systems without the need to downsize.
• Majority of organizations embrace energy efficiency models in all aspects of their businesses, including product design and production in order to cut production costs.
• In addition, environmental management is a challenge that is beyond Corporate Social Responsibility; current changes in global environment standards influence sub-standard products and production processes and systems.
• Safety in the work environment is taking center stage in people welfare and sustaining quality and consistent production.
• Trends such as these need turn key solutions. At Centurion, we collaborate with your organization to create smart business solutions. For example, through the training programs at Centurion Systems we share knowledge, from operator level up to senior management of organizations. Our R&D support introduces more advanced systems for production and maintenance. Our training is organized year round, comprehensive programs, tailored to all levels of staff and people systems.